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Home  at Coastel

We are called Coastel because we are your COASTAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS company .. Coast Tel

This is your chance to have your house or factory pre-wired  so you get the system or phones in when and where YOU want, at a far cheaper rate that would be if you left it till the last thing.

We also provide ADSL filtering,  Phone extension,  Lead-in removal or directions.

                                  Give us a call and find out how we can help you.

Coastel  Pre Wire service and Web Hosting

                              We also provided web hosting.

                              Our WEB hosting includes,  email,  FTP access.

                                  We can provide Cpanel Access or Basic.

                               Our Cpanel option has web 50 templates for you to use

                      Basic web construction and loading if required this site is a example.


      If you would like us to make your web site see FAQ  or if you just want EMAIL,

                         We have a package to suit. We are just a email away.

Mobile: 0408155811 



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Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

Phone Pre-wires,  Phone Trenching (Lead-in)  or ADSL Filtering information, please call

Web Hosting information  is EMAIL ONLY Please (our IT Tech dose this work )

See FAQ first as we have covered off most issues there.

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Coastel Pre-Wire